Stop Pressing My Buttons!

Does a co-worker, a boss, a partner, or a client press your buttons, or perhaps you press theirs? We can be all pushed emotionally, at work, at home or socially. Learn strategies on how to live your ’emotional’ best!

Stop Pressing My Buttons!

(A workshop that gets you fired up over your communications style)

This is an educational, one-of-kind Life Skills, interactive, experiential workshop, which offers vital tools, and topics to help:

  • Become more self-aware
  • Manage emotions (stop pressing buttons)
  • Have self-motivation (become more self-motivated)
  • Recognize the emotions of others (and their operating Styles) — “A Vital People Skill”
  • Handle relationships (more effectively) and have more empathy
  • Understand Emotional Literacy & Emotional Intelligence
  • Develop personalized strategies to enhance Emotional Intelligence


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