One-on-one Sessions


~ …When I changed careers and became a solopreneur, I turned to Catherine and her expertise as a life coach to guide me in clarifying my business and personal goals. She motivated me to reflect on areas of my life I had pushed aside. The coaching sessions brought about several “AHA” moments. Catherine helped me to connect-the- dots and understand how old, familiar behaviours impacted on my ability to set goals and achieve them, now, and in the future. Catherine taught me various ways to reduce the stressors in my life and refocus on living my life purposefully and mindfully. Eva D.

~  “…she has a powerful intuition, and a gentle and comforting way about her that really heals to the depths. She is an angel and Godsend for me! Thank you so much for the work you do, it has universal impacts and I’m so grateful.” Julie C.

~ “…a gifted coach and is passionate about building relationships where trust and authenticity is essential. She assists clients with confidence, effectiveness and with care while in her coaching practice. She uses her skills to effect positive change through her programs to bring awareness, acceptance and change.” Patty P.
~ “…inspiring to work along side with at Progress Career Planning Institute. She has a natural talent and ability to make people feel at ease and comfortable. I admired her ability to find creative solutions to help people on their job search journey. Catherine is a great coach and facilitator. I would highly recommend her services.” Elizabeth S.



Expressive Writing

~”…at the Weston Library Writing Group remembering your inspirational and encouraging words. You were wonderful at drawing out emotions. Sessions left me feeling hopeful, insightful, introspective, confident that I could translate those feelings into words…words that I felt I could share…or keep to myself.” Rose D.

Mindfulness to De-Stress Anywhere Anytime Sessions

When asked, “what new skills have you learnt from the sessions that you are able to put into practice?” ~   “My new skills are to be more aware of what is triggering my emotions. The one minute check in is something I now do more often to re-group. I do the deep breathing to calm myself down and to focus on the task on hand. I have stopped a “certain” habit subsequent to the last class. I am proud of myself and thankful for the encouragement to live a healthier life. I also exercise by walking daily and am more mindful of what I eat.”  Ava.D.


After completing workshops of A Poem in My Pocket – hosts, participants and a parent wrote:

~  “The teen poetry program at Fairview Library was a huge success. Catherine transformed a boring meeting room into a work of art where youth could imagine and be creative. The feedback from youth after the session was amazing. Quite a few participants wanted to know when the next program would be held. Naturally, based on this positive response, we would gladly host another program by this facilitator.” Paula, Librarian

~  “I really enjoyed your workshop – you opened my mind to see beyond what I see. I will come again.”  – Shake (sixteen)

In one workshop exercise, we used a sculpture of Atlas that was shown to participants using motivating techniques to help express responses in writing. Here is what Tian who is eleven wrote and what her mother said about it.

“In front of me is the mighty Atlas, the Titan that must hold the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is like pebbles beside a road, they never change. The look on his face shows that he works very hard to separate the Earth and Heaven. I do pity him, because he has to hold the world and not be able to enjoy everything that it offers.” – Tian’s mother indicated that her daughter has difficulty expressing herself and was pleased to see the writing Tian had done during the session.


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