• Of or relating to the body as opposed to the mind. E.g. a whole range of physical and mental challenges. Synonyms: bodily, corporeal, corporal, somatic; carnal, fleshly, non-spiritual, this-worldly. E.g. physical pleasure.
  • Involving bodily contact or activity. g. “verbal or physical abuse.  Synonyms: manual, laboring, labor-intensive, blue-collar. E.g. hard physical work.
  • Of or relating to things perceived through the senses as opposed to the mind; tangible or concrete. E.g. pleasant physical environments. Synonyms: material, concrete, tangible, palpable, solid, substantial, real, actual, visible “the physical universe”
  • Of or relating to physics or the operation of natural forces generally.  E.g. physical laws.
  • A medical examination to determine a person’s bodily fitness.

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(Source: Web Dictionary: 2015 Physical Means) and National Eating Disorder International Centre)

“Scientifically and clinically, the pathway of eating disorders has been unbelievable in the past 30 years,” said Patti Perry, RN, MSN, clinical nurse and psychotherapist, also founder of Toronto’s Eating Disorders Clinic. “We’re still in the Dark Ages. But anorexia nervosa is seen now as a serious biological brain disease.” (Toronto Star)

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Heavy Brain: How your mind affects your waistline Paperback – Jan 20 2018
by Thomas William Caldwell MBA (Author), Dr. Laura Caria (Contributor)


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