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Out of Pocket Emotions goes out to you individually, and to the many individuals working in the helping professions who need time to step back, self-care, take a breath, recharge with a newer sense of power and purpose to gain healthier possibilities in reaching life goals.

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Stop Pressing My Buttons! – Understanding Emotional Literacy is key to us, while at work, at home or socially. We can all use tools to help us better handle people who press our buttons. We are often pushed emotionally. We are tested in our daily lives to either react abruptly, or withhold emotions, many times with regret. We may just not have the tools to respond in a healthier way – we’ll show you some step-by-step techniques! It’s more than having a high IQ; it’s learning to be a different kind of smart, understanding primary emotions, like anger, sadness, happiness, joy – we bring intelligence to knowing your emotions better.  Check out Workshops

Freedom Writing – learning to express yourself to better determine life and work ambitions, and goals. We have customized this workshop to facilitate awareness of emotions through expressive writing.  Research studies show writing about emotional, traumatic or stressful events have been found to induce improvements to both psychological and physical health.

Mindfulness to De-stress Anywhere Anytime – It is important to build emotional skills to help us cope better at work, home, and socially. Doctors report people are overwhelmed by stress, work, family – i.e. relationship problems, health challenges, and painful, withheld emotions. It’s easier to lack motivation, to be emotionally detached, and handle whatever pain that possibly disrupts our level of concentration or physical health in our daily lives. We get stuck and simply learn to live with it!  This 9-week program give participants a chance to transform themselves, become motivated and inspired, and live better in mind, body and overall emotional health.

A Poem in My Pocket – Expressing yourself through use of poem-making to understand emotions is liberating and proven to be a healing art form in expressing difficult emotions such as anger, sadness or joy. It gives participants the ability to gather amazing ‘emotional insight’ to themselves.

One-on-One Coaching We include private one-to-one coaching (in person), or one-to-one coaching  (telephone/internet). We make effective use of life skills practices to put individuals immediately at ease. Understanding and compassion engage participants in a one-on-one personal coaching session to get started on way to meeting specific life goals.

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Hopeless ~ Overwhelmed ~ Scared?

Catherine DeAngelis’ Out of Pocket Emotions™ is a Five-way Life Coaching Approach® program. As a certified life coach practitioner Catherine works “from the heart.” Trauma-informed, she teaches from both lived experience, growth and development. She understands grief and loss and she compassionately draws upon depth of skills to educate, encourage and motivate individuals to break free from overwhelmed to unaware emotional barriers that stand in the way of reaching personal life goals.

Catherine is committed to her Out of Pocket Emotions program and believes in the benefits of her work so much so, she offers a complimentary session or consultation. If you live in Toronto and need a life coach visit Catherine DeAngelis and start steering in the right direction for you!

“Peace – It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work, it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”