by Catherine DeAngelis

Imagination is not a talent of some people, but is the health of every person.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the image above, perhaps a photographer used imagination to create a thought-provoking photographic technique.  Most of us can probably imagine the meaning intended here, but is it the same meaning the photographer hoped to show us from his mind’s eye?

How easily a photograph can be reinterpreted and brought into a moving art.

The dictionary defines imagination as the ability to form ideas or images in the mind and the ability of the mind to be creative or solve problems. This means then we all have imagination, we use it in our every day life.

Many words are associated with imagination, such as artistry, creativity, fancy, ingenuity, insight, inspiration, inventiveness, informal mind’s eye, originality, enterprise, resourcefulness, sensitivity, thought, and vision.  Other related forms are image, imager, imagery, mental imagery, imaginable, imaginary, imaginative, imaginativeness, imagine, imaginings.  Read more

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