How Out of Pocket Works


Unable to push past
emotional barriers?

Catherine DeAngelis’ Out of Pocket Emotions program has a Five-way, Life Coaching Approach® that will set you off into a new direction, overcome hurdles and help you gain a new focus for your life.

True happiness is not somewhere out there; you find it inside of you.

The strength of the inner voice comes from knowing ourselves. This could ring true for you, but no one tells you where this “inside” is or how to get there. Our program will help give you the tools to understand emotions that may be bottled up, and often get you stuck at work, home, school, in relationships, and socially.
Want to Get to know Your emotional Self?
  • emotional expression is the ultimate form of communication
  • to suppress or deny emotions remove the tools that others need to understand, get to know, and like us. It denies us the chance to make our true selves known and to free ourselves from the layers of unspent emotional energy that cloud our relationships, both with ourselves and with others.
  • Open yourself up to intuition, to the natural release of energy – both positive and negative – and to self-awareness.
  • The more you understand your own emotions, the easier you will find it to deal with them when they arise.
  • Take time to evaluate your emotional health and pay attention to thought streams or patterns in behaviors, especially negative ones – usually there is a story to be told.  Be ready to explore and release the emotions attached when they stand in you way.

Our Program is designed to bring awareness of emotions.  We have adopted a sound technique which through experiential activities and dynamic concepts and interpretations, we are able to effectively help individuals to express themselves and be the best they can be in spite of personal obstacles or blocks to self-expression.

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Find Your Voice! 

Learn how Life Coach Catherine DeAngelis can help you break through emotional blockages, express yourself in a healthier way and achieve your goals!

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Find your inner voice for a healthier expression of you!

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