Get Mindful It Works!

Picture1It’s Powerful…

Classes start up in the New Year…

Mindfulness 8 Weekly Sessions start up!
When: Thursdays: January 15, 22, 29;
February 5, 12, 19, 26 and March 5.,2015
Time: 7:15 9:00 p.m.

WinterPeaceJPEGCome out to our place
for some solace…

Many of us are already anticipating the winter months ahead. Time to suit up and armor ourselves against seasonal stressors and the darkness that can hover over us.  Get ready and create a serious plan for a healthier mindset and combat the winter months upon us with some lightness of being.

Just as we strive to keep nutritionally aware and in real good physical shape, research proves it is just as vital to take extra care of our mental health or to be mindset-healthy!

Get Mindful It Works!  Mindfulness 8 Weekly Sessions start up for 2015!

When: Thursdays: January 15, 22, 29; February 5, 12, 19, 26 and March 5.,2015
Time: 7:15 to 9:00 p.m.
Place:  3 Hickory Tree Road, Toronto ON M9N 325

Facilitator: Catherine DeAngelis
Cost:: $160 for 8 sessions

Early-Bird-2014-graphic (1)

Early Bird Special:
On or before January 12th $140 ($20 savings)

To Register call: 416 246 0025
Get Ready to Get Mindful ~
It’s Powerful – It Works!

Join Catherine as she takes you through 8 enlightening sessions. You will discover a new brightness of being!

Join Coach Facilitator Catherine DeAngelis as she takes you through 8- enlightening Get Mindful It Works sessions. You will discover a new brightness of being!

Get Mindful It Works is an Out of Pocket Emotions program facilitated by Life Coach Catherine DeAngelis. We advocate we can keep in good mental shape or Meta-healthy through mindfulness.

These 8 classes will look at our Interconnection and body-mind-heart and the art of mindful peacefulness and self-healing. This means to be aware of our body’s smarts, our stressors and emotions or thoughts affecting our body’s make-up and what makes us take action in both our self-expression and personal growth.

Receive ‘know-how’ to rejuvenate each morning at wake up, and take it throughout the day to nighttime — from winter to each day or season of the year.

but-signupnow-bigHave any questions, write us and tell us about it here.


Gentle yoga and various breathing relaxation and stillness, listening, walking, and eating practices will be presented.  Be prepared to sit on a chair or on the floor, wear casual comfortable clothes, bare feet or socks, bring a yoga mat, a meditation bench or pillow (if you have one).


Catherine DeAngelis brings a refreshing new approach to the wisdom and practice of bringing you to the present moment and offers tools you can take home and build easily into your life. As program coach and facilitator she knows the full benefits of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. The program is based on lived experience, including YWCA and CCF Master Coach Training as a life skills practitioner. Catherine is a mental health advocate and combines post-recovery approaches and interweaves creative communications background as journalist and poet. Catherine shows how mindfulness practice can improve mind, body and overall meta-health. 

During 8 weekly 90-minute sessions, you will be shown how mindfulness practice gets you unstuck and better able to connect to emotions, thoughts, and moods, allowing you to CHOOSE how to respond to them in your work and personal life.  


When asked, “what new skills have you learnt from the sessions that you are able to put into practice?” ~  “My new skills are to be more aware of what is triggering my emotions. The one minute check in is something I now do more often to re-group. I do the deep breathing to calm myself down and to focus on the task on hand. I have stopped a “certain” habit subsequent to the last class. I am proud of myself and thankful for the encouragement to live a healthier life. I also exercise by walking daily and am more mindful of what I eat.”  Ava.D.


You will learn to build your own personal practice and evolve within as it brings an immediate attachment to using breathing techniques and gentle yoga to relax and de-stress at home and anywhere any time. You can be transformed immediately and renew your energies to fulfill a commitment to live a more fulfilling life in mind, heart, body and overall emotional health.


Contact us for location and directions to classes found in Toronto, Ontario, Canada



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We offer a complimentary session or consultation
 call Catherine DeAngelis
Individual and Group Life Coach Practitioner
416 246-0025

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