Freedom Writing

Find Your Voice through 
Freedom Writing

This workshop is designed based on concepts formed from Out of Pocket Emotions.  It has been customized to facilitate awareness of emotions through expressive writing.

Research studies in past several decades show writing about emotional, traumatic or stressful events are found to induce improvements to psychological and physical health.

What is Freedom Writing?

We use special methods of life skills training and coaching to engage you in an experiential group setting, working with multiple concepts, and core ‘whole life’ techniques.  Participants learn their own uniqueness, by identifying emotions, discovering free expression, and telling their story.

Benefits of Freedom WritingWriting Your Thoughts Down

  • Learn new skills, be inspired, use imagination and have fun with visual aids and props.
  • Free the inner voice and express yourself in ways to activate the mind and get to know undiscovered feelings and emotions.
  • Write for fun, growth or wellness (encourage healing or ease recovery from a trauma or illness).
  • Write creatively on any of the above as a form of arts expression and be motivated to write fiction (non), poetry, drama, screenwriting, autobiographies song lyrics, and more.
  • Write to explore other personal forms of artistic passions such as music, painting, drawing, dancing and acting.
  • Meet like-minded individuals and share personal insights in a safe and comfortable setting.

Writer’s Write and Publish

Dreaming in Darkness by Jessica Kristie


“Writing has always been my form of expression. It has allowed me to discover a deeper version of my feelings and bring me solace I would not have experienced other wise. Poetry is my venue, but all forms of expression can bring that same release. Find your voice and master your form. No muse required – inspiration is in everything.” Jessica Kristie.

Novacan by Monique Banks

Poet Monique Banks introduces her poem “Novacane” capturing her voice in this YouTube presentation uploaded on Jan 7, 2012  © 2012 Monique Banks

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