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Emotion ~ Emotional ~ Emotionality

  • A natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. E.g. he is attempting to control his emotion. Synonyms: feeling, sentiment; reaction, response. E.g. She is good at hiding her emotions. Passion, strength of feeling, warmth of feeling. E.g. overcome by emotion, he turned away.
  • Instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge.  E.g. responses have to be based on historical insight, not simply on emotion. Synonyms: instinct, intuition, gut feeling; sentiment, the heart. E.g. responses based purely on emotion.
  • Of or relating to a person’s emotions. E.g. children with emotional outbursts. Synonyms: spiritual, inner, psychological, psychic, of the heart. E.g. their emotional needs are often ignored”
  • Arousing or characterized by intense feeling.. E.g..an emotional speech. Synonyms: poignant, moving, touching, affecting, powerful, stirring, emotive, heart-rending, heartwarming, impassioned, dramatic; haunting, pathetic, sentimental; informal: tear-jerking. E.g. he paid an emotional tribute to his wife.
  • Of a person having feelings that are easily excited and openly displayed. E.g. he was a strongly emotional young man. Synonyms: passionate, hot-blooded, ardent, fervent, excitable, temperamental, melodramatic, tempestuous; demonstrative, responsive, tender, loving, feeling, sentimental, sensitive. E.g. an emotional young man.
  • Emotionality: emotional nature or quality.

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