Creative Writing Workshops

Never Enough Thanks

by Barbara Bisgrove
June 8, 2017


Catherine DeAngelis, the brave writing coach and facilitator of our group of budding writers expressed this feeling of never being able to adequately thank someone for all they have done. She was talking about Ken Theobald, the WKNC staff person responsible for community outreach, who has twice secured funding for a community writing group. The funding means we can carry on until 2018 when Ken dreams it will move from the library to the newly built Hub. Amid enthusiastic applause, Catherine presented Ken with a framed print to commemorate another session ending.

The class is a brilliant idea because it brings together local people with diverse backgrounds who share their stories—to learn about each other, create bonds, and develop deeper understanding. Ken encourages the drop-in members to join in and other people join after seeing publicity through local outlets. Some people continue to attend each eight-week session—a best seller isn’t created in a week! Some people discover they prefer the medium of poetry, or the spoken word, while still others want to concentrate on memoirs.

Ken purchases food each week so that people coming directly from work or school can eat, and we have a stretch break to fill up our plates. Ken is an inspiration too, especially for those interested in history. During the last session, his article about the Irish immigrants fleeing the famine and arriving in Toronto in even greater numbers than the Syrian refugees, was published in “Now.”

People tend to write about subjects closest to their hearts so we have the pleasure of learning about other’s passions. Many have immigration stories to share, and as a class we learn to formulate the outline with a beginning, middle and ending. For the beginning, I can’t wait for class to start again in September to listen to new stories; middle, remember the chocolate cake is my favourite snack of those Ken brings; and for the ending—I do not want that to happen until my book is written!

Congratulations to Barbara Bisgrove (centre) who authored and published her first memoirs shown here with fellow writers Maureen Lennon (left) and Ken Theobald (right).  This writing program was sponsored by the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre in partnership with the Weston Toronto Public Library and presented by Out of Pocket Emotions.

Barbara succeeded in reaching her life goal and published her first memoir. We might all agree who were in the classroom with Barbara, what a mentor she is and there is nothing stopping her from reaching many more writing achievements.  



Creative Writing Workshop

Mon Sep 29, 2014

4:30 p.m.6:00 p.m.

90 mins

Weston Community Room

Teens, do you have a creative bug? Do you enjoy writing? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to try your hand at unleashing your inner Shakespeare but don’t quite know where to begin. Join local writer Catherine DeAngelis on Monday September 29th for a special workshop on creative writing. Learn the basics such as structure and flow, and acquire some great tips on how to submit your final product to the next Young Voices publication.

Participants experience their own uniqueness by identifying emotions and rediscovering an ability of free expression using visual aids, props and forms of poetry.

The workshop engages between 10 to 20 participants in a comfortable, dynamic, classroom group setting.

Toronto Public Library

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