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Catherine DeAngelis, Founder, Out of Pocket Emotions™

Catherine DeAngelis founded Out of Pocket Emotions in 2008. Initially Out of Pocket Emotions offered life coaching programs to inspire followers to build on healthy emotional awareness for better communications and achieve personal life goals.

Keeping with modern times, Out of Pocket continues to bring perspectives on awakening ourselves to living expressively alert. Methods of life skills training, facilitation and certified coaching practice, including over 20 years of professional experience are what Catherine brings to this forum She has taught and given workshops on job searching skills, emotional literacy, mindfulness, hosted retreats, Her storytelling workshops started from the ground up from introducing poem-making to youth at Public Libraries and storytelling/writing with adults and seniors in the community. Writing poetry since she was 14, she studied Journalism at Ryerson University.

A brand refresh of Out of Pocket Emotions aspires to create well-researched articles by Catherine as well as continue to host contributing writers. Catherine believes her lived experience with mental health, more recent, her work as a note taker for the deaf and hard of hearing, expands her portfolio to stand by her belief "sense of belongingness is a key to all human existence". She aspires to ignite the curious mind to explore, to open our hearts and get personal with emotions - all part of being human.