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Are you frustrated that your life is not going the way you want it? Maybe you are struggling and just unable to put your finger on what’s wrong. When your life is not going in a direction you would like, it can be confusing and 
uncertain. How can you personally grow and get beyond this?


Catherine DeAngelis takes a personal coaching approach aimed at helping individuals, ‘ready to move forward,’ set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and maintain motivation.  We work with you to help you create what you are looking for through life skills coaching and workshops so you can identify the goals you want to achieve and make sure you get there. You have the power within you to get the success, health, relationship or indeed any other life improvement that you want, and she would love to get you there.

The Out of Pocket Emotions program can help move you toward personal awareness and fulfillment! Learn how to self-express in a healthier way, with our one-on-one coaching sessions, and group facilitated workshops!

Some of the tools Catherine introduces to you in breaking through life obstacles are simple ‘Get Mindful” and “Emotional Smarts” techniques.  Here she helps you to de-stress to understand and connect with the emotions bottled up that can often get you stuck at work, home, school, in relationships or socially. As humans, we experience a range of emotions, feelings, thoughts and moods.  Our inner voice may be stifled as a result of the emotions we hide away, without knowing it.

As certified master coach practitioner and facilitator, Catherine uses an honest, empathetic and approachable style, she tunes in to what you are saying, and works through your blocks that  keep you from releasing your inner voice.

You can visualize our program’s philosophy with the phrase, “Pull out the emotions stuffed in your pocket, know them and make them work for you.” The program uses a grassroots, experiential approach, to ease understanding of your emotions, and their impact, on you as well as others.

Catherine brings to the program her personal journey of emotional growth, an extensive professional background and experience as a poet,  journalist and advocate for mental health,  all of which offer her a creative and intuitive connectedness with people.  She knows the steps needed to bring mindfulness and emotional awareness into your life and allow you to recognize  roadblocks to personal and interpersonal emotional expression. Allow Catherine to give you the environment and  tools to tap into that genius within.

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