A Poem In My Pocket

“Writing poetry allows us to discover how vulnerabilities and strengths can co-exist, even thrive together. Poems can reveal deep insight and compassion. They can give voice to what is raw and wounded in your life and that honesty, creatively expressed and explored, can bolster and guide you through rough times. Your writing can transform you at profound levels.” – John Fox, The Institute for Poetic Medicine

Find Your Voice through Poetry


More Poetic Perspectives:


This poem by Carol Ellis  “I am from a complicated mixture of… “ is a remarkable contribution captured from a moment of personal reflection and emotional insight.


Laura Burke shares “Superhero A Visual Poem, her spoken word poetry and her journey through mental illness in a video produced in association with the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.


“On this Stage” is written by Steve Flemming . Steve is committed to inspiring consciousness, friendship and authentic community to the City of Toronto.


Jessica Kristie  says “writing has always been my form of expression. It has allowed me to discover a deeper version of my feelings and bring me solace I would not have experienced otherwise. Poetry is my venue, but all forms of expression can bring that same release. Find your voice and master your form. No muse required – inspiration is in everything.”


Poet Monique Banks introduces her poem  “Novacane” capturing her voice in this YouTube presentation.



Poetry is an excellent outlet for expressing emotions, creativity and personal observations or reflections.

Learn more about A Poem in My Pocket, a here and now approach to poetic-writing expressions. It is the first workshop designed based on concepts formed from Out of Pocket Emotions.  Originally presented to the Toronto Public Library, customized to facilitate awareness of emotions through expression in poetry to older youth and adults.

This workshop motivates, inspires, introduces fledging poets, and encourages emotional awareness, while learning about the greatest Poets of our time.

Participants experience their own uniqueness by identifying emotions and rediscovering an ability of free expression using visual aids, props and forms of poetry.

The workshop engages between 10 to 20 participants in a comfortable, dynamic, classroom group setting.

Toronto Public Library


The information found on Out of Pocket Emotions articles are based on perspectives on living an emotionally conscious life. If you believe you are experiencing overwhelming thoughts, feelings or emotions that may cause you to harm yourself, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.


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