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It’s About Mental Fitness Too!

Good emotional health is being aware of our emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors, all part of working at keeping our level of stress under check.

Click on the image to check out this Interactive Tool presented by the American Psychological Association.  Take some time to browse the Tool  to see how mental health effects the physical parts of our body. 


MoodGym is another excellent free interactive website based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal Therapy, which can be used for helping to develop good coping skills for the future or help you determine if you need to address some serious mood swings to mental health concerns. 

MoodGYM consists of interactive modules which are delivered in a specific order. The modules are: feelings, thoughts, unwarping, de-stressing, and relationships. At the end of each module you can apply the material to your own circumstances through a series of activities.  Although this is a program developed in Australia, since its launch in2004, MoodGYM has received several IT and health awards, and has over 200,000 registered users worldwide.


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