Fire Up Your Communication Style!

Mastering Winning Strategies 

to Live Your Emotional Best!

Who is Pressing Your Buttons?

Does a co-worker, a boss, a client, or a partner press your buttons, or perhaps you press theirs? Emotions can be pushed at work, at home or socially. The key is to know how to self-manage them.

We are tested in our daily lives to either react abruptly, or withhold emotions, many times with regret. We may need additional powerful tools to respond in a much healthier way. When we are disconnected to what we are feeling or experiencing, we get harmed, or others are negatively impacted by our actions.

What Do I Need to Know?

Emotions are the core of living and can affect us in a positive and negative way. With understanding and awareness of the pushed buttons, we can stay in control of our daily life, no matter what the triggers bring toward us.

Why Do I Care?

This workshop will show you techniques and strategies that will renew your communication style and enrich self-confidence. Getting on track to a healthier expression of you, and a richer understanding of others is what you need to master for a happier life!

You will find it a fun and rewarding workshop, and will take away with you vital tools to enhance your life.


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