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by Catherine DeAngelis


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”
Dr. Maya Angelou, Pulitzer Prize Award Winner, Author

It has been written that emotion plays a major role in persuasion, social influence, and attitude change.  Many times, we push ourselves too hard to be perfect human beings. We tell ourselves, we must have a better attitude, be more positive about life, when really we just aren’t feeling it.  We are dealing with emotions and won’t accept them as part of who we are. Instead, our disposition, or physical presence is painting a different sort of picture. We speak angrily, are distracted, impatient, offering up a ‘rotten’ attitude, without our even knowing it.

Attitude is a word that is best described as physical, a disposition, or a state of mind.  In the physical sense, it is a position of the body or manner of carrying oneself, for example, he held a graceful attitude when he spoke to his students. This is a non-verbal manner of communicating attitude.

Attitude is a state of mind, and it can be verbal and non-verbal communication. It  is a feeling, or disposition, such as, she had a positive attitude toward her mother who is suffering with Alzheimer’s.  She is gentle when she takes her mother’s arm and pulls her up and down from the bed, to sit her in the wheel chair. She quietly says to her mother, “would you like your dinner now?”

Alternatively, negative attitude is related to having a disposition, or state of mind that may be considered arrogant or hostile.  He stood in an angry pose, and stated the terms of the assignment to the class, pressing the point, “marks will be deducted for any ‘crap’ that you present to me.”

Get to Where You Want with Attitude

As humans, we can’t always have a positive attitude—and, according to Barbara Sher, you don’t have to.  Barbara Sher is a business owner, career counselor, and best-selling author of seven books, each of which provide down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts method for uncovering natural talent, pinpointing goals and turning dreams into reality.

In Sher’s book, Wishcraft, How to Get What You Want, Sher explains, “you cannot be consistently self-disciplined—and you don’t have to. You can get where you’re going anyway, and have fun doing it. Are you feeling scared or mad? Get scared. Get mad. Is your self-esteem nonexistent today? Don’t worry about it. It’s irrelevant. Look in the mirror and say, “I’m horrible, I’m a failure, I’m ugly. I’ll never make anything out of myself.” Applaud yourself. Enjoy your negative attitude. And then roll up your sleeves and get down to business.”   Click image to read Wishcraft

“If you have a past with which you feel dissatisfied,
then forget it, now.
Imagine a new story for your life
and believe in it.
Focus only on the moments when you
achieved what you desired,
and that strength
will help you to get what you want.” – 
Paul Coelho

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