A Toolkit – Bringing Your Life Into Balance


We are learning everyday about the ways in which we can maintain a healthy emotional state of mind.  It is integral to everything we do in life.  Helpguide.org brings you a A Toolkit for Building Emotional Health and Emotional IntelligenceHelpuide.org was created with the intent to empower you with the knowledge and support needed to take charge of your life and make healthy choices. Helpguide’s mission is to help you understand, prevent, and resolve many life’s challenges.

According to Helpguide.org, stress, mood swings and life’s daily challenges can knock your life out of balance leaving you feeling anxious, depressed, angry, and worried. If emotions are interfering with your career or personal relationships, use this toolkit to take control of your life. By learning skills that change your response to stressful experience, you can boost your emotional health and emotional intelligence.

To help guide you through the learning process take a look at Helpguide’s videos and check out  The Toolkit Checklist before you get started.  Keep in mind the  information presented here is for support only and not a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

Remember it pays to be aware of your emotions. 

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