What is Out of Pocket Emotions?

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Start by believing…

ImaginKeep Believing in Your Goalse being without funds, as in financials, an out of pocket expense.  

Consider the same for Out of Pocket Emotions. 

Are we able to live without emotions, like not being able to name, understand, manage and express them?

Some of our emotions may be in the way of our setting and reaching our life goals most important to us.

Being glued to an old way of thinking and feeling, can get us stuck in an emotional pit. We may believe it is impossible to reach goals we think only others are capable of achieving.


Out of Pocket Emotions is an easy, self-affirming, Five-way Life Coaching Approach® designed to:

  • Move beyond unaware and stifling emotions
  • Rise up the inner voice behind the emotional
  • Focus on reaching defined life goals:

1. Financial
2. Physical
3. Relationships
4. Spiritual
5. Work

Catherine DeAngelis is the founder and life coach practitioner of Out of Pocket Emotions. She offers tools to get us to a more confident and truer self. She believes, once we move forward into self-awareness we will know what it is that we want to achieve.  The program works within us to identify what is in our way of personal success.

Out of Pocket Emotions takes us from a belief goals are impossible, to possible, and soon start to live consciously, alert and free to celebrate our achievements

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