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The power of emotional self-awareness comes from understanding, and managing emotions. Our program explores the factors of emotional understanding. Our goal is to name emotions like anger, fear, joy, and more, while we work with tools to guide step-by-step to become more self-aware in dealings, within personal, business and social settings.

admin-ajaxOut of Pocket Emotions offers individual and group life coaching.  A dynamic life coaching program, flexible in its design, and adaptable to individual and organizational needs.

Designed and presented by Catherine DeAngelis who is trauma-informed, advocate of mental health awareness and skilled in her use of life skills coaching, mentoring, and facilitating the teachings of effective communications, mindfulness and mindset approaches.

Individuals are engaged in a private in-person or telephone coaching session. Participates are also invited to attend a series of workshops presented throughout the year. Incorporated into the programs are emotional literacy and emotional intelligence theories and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness based cognitive behavior (MBCBT) techniques,  The presentations are non-clinical, and take the life and work-goal-perspective. With Catherine’s literary background as a poet and journalist and personal knowledge of trauma, in grief and bereavement, she has adapted forms of expressive writing and poem making to go beyond pain and recovery and achieve goals.

Sometimes we have difficulty with self-expression. Relationships at work or home, school, and socially can be stressful. We may have experienced trauma that has forced us to shut down our emotions, or find ourselves unable to share the right words to express our feelings so instead isolate ourselves.

The specially developed techniques in our program, move individuals toward a healthier expressive self, and encourage achievement of personal goals at a quicker pace.


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